Draw Near gave me the courage to push forward in what God’s calling me to.
— fall 2017 attendee

The Draw Near Retreat helped me to find Christian friends and make some pivotal decisions for my faith
— fall 2017 attendee

Thoughtful touches throughout the weekend made us feel pampered, thought of, and refreshed. There was sweet worship and spiritually intimate moments with the Lord and other women.
— Fall 2017 Attendee

Beautiful, inspiring, life-changing
— Fall 2017 attendee

Everything was incredibly excellent. All the little touches had everyone talking. We did all feel very pampered and loved through all the things you did. The flowers were beautiful, the names on the doors, everything was just above and beyond.
— fall 2016 attendee

God spoke to me in some very personal, amazing ways. I encountered Him in some really powerful ways!! it was a huge blessing.
— fall 2017 attendee

Great job with small details! enjoyed the more intimate feel of the retreat. I can’t wait until next year!
— Fall 2016 attendee

It gave me an opportunity to shut off the rest of the world and focus on Jesus.
— fall 2017 attendee