We will be having three different Soul Care Sessions happening on Friday morning. You’ll get to choose one to attend. Here is a brief description of each one. There won’t be formal sign ups for these sessions, please attend which ever you wish!

Be Your Best Flamingo with Mitzie Massey

God has made everything with incredible precision and purpose. Join Mitzie for a light hearted study of flamingos and God's word. Be inspired by our Creator's hand in the details of your life and how much your environment matters.


Making Your Home a Sanctuary with April Knight

As women we carry the beautiful privilege of managing our homes. In the busy pace of our culture there is something to be said for creating a sacred, welcoming and joy filled space. Join me as we talk about what that looks like and how to make your home a place you love to be.


Holding on to Hope When You Feel Like You're Losing Yourself

with Logan Wolfram

Has the defeated feeling of an unforeseen change left you feeling stuck? Join author and speaker Logan Wolfram as she shares about stewarding and not just surviving seasons of brokenness. If you’ve even been at a turning point and not sure where to go next, then this is a great session to attend.